Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The End Of Another Adventure....

We are back at Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage after a rolling trip across the Atlantic and a smooth trip across Lake Okeechobee.  We have retrieved our truck and are busy with preparations for a few months in storage while we head north to escape the heat. For the last three years we have motored north in the boat. Since we have a new boat insurer and the boat can stay in Florida, this summer we are taking a road trip, and checking out some things 'inland' or in our case 'onland'! This is exciting as it is a change but the next few weeks getting things buttoned up here are going to be anything but exciting...more like grueling with the heat and rain.  Yuck. We will definitely be tieing another knot in our rope of life. I don't think 'heat in a relationship' is an advantage in this case. :-)

Sooooo...I could give you a history lesson on the Abacos, but I'm not going can Google thing I did find (Google of course) is the story behind the pronunciation of Cay/Key in the Bahamas....courtesy of Abaco Forum....

Paul Albury, in his The Story of the Bahamas, notes that the word "cay" is originally derive from the Arawak "cairi," which simply meant "island." The Spanish adopted the phrase and it became "cayo," (pronounced KAI-yo, almost like kayak). For the later English it became "key;" somehow the o was dropped. So we're stuck with the English pronunciation "KEE" and the Spanish spelling, "Cay."

We learned fast that it is KEY not K , but after all it is really an 'Island' much for 'tutelage'  

                                                   Times to remember.....                                                  

                                 Yvonne serving up her Plymouth Punch...mmmm good!
                           Jack from Trixsea our Aussie Friends on our last day in Green Turtle
                                       enjoying Yvonne's delicious rum concoctions

           The Sunday Pig Roast at Nippers touted by all as a not to be missed event. 
We all declared it probably more fun drunk and 30!               

                                      Joanne, Tim Gary, Sue, John, me at Nippers
                                              patiently waiting for our 'grog'
                                  Nippers on Pig Roast Sunday...before it got busy!!

                                                  Pete's Pub ....Little Harbour

The Trip Back across the big pond....
    We were nowhere near this close to this cruise ship...gotta love that zoom!
but, I did have to straighten the picture a lot...we were truly "rocking the baby"
too bad for Gary I found the best way not to get sick was to lay down and close
my helm action for me....except for "pottie breaks"

                             A dolphin in the gulf stream....water color is not enhanced
                    this is where they get the color 'marine blue'...and clear like I couldn't believe!

The Okeechobee Waterway
A Dive Site and Marine Habitat being built for Deerfield Beach on the Okeechobee Waterway

Unfortunately the story does not have a happy ending.

                                   Sunrise on the Okeechobee Waterway at Morehaven
                                          and finally....Sunset on Charlotte Harbor