Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Waiting on weather....

Plan B (again) with a new return route .... with the winds we have had I chickened out of the Eluethra/Bimini/Miami plan. The captain agreed to make me happy and we ended up getting to spend another week with Sue, John and Lucy. 
We left them in Hopetown waiting to head to the Exumas with Carol & Royce on 'Escargot'. We had a good day last Saturday and headed back around Whale Cay to Green Turtle. We are still here waiting for the winds to die down.  Hopefully this weekend will be the opportunity to come back to the states.  We are closely watching the weather. Once we leave Green Turtle we will be without Internet again.  Lots of traffic staging for this window so we should be able to get a weather update when we get to Great Sale Cay from another more technologically advanced boat!!  This trip has been a learning curve on communication in the Bahamas.  How did they do it before Internet and Cell Phones?....  (We are finding that out :-)

The Abacos......Clear turquoise water...white sand beaches....friendly skies...Kalik Beer...Cracked Conch...Rum Punch...Conch Fritters...Coconut Bread

It has been a memorable six weeks......

Heavy winds and heavy seas at Little Harbour

One of our very best days, Tahiti Beach

                                   Now THIS is what I have been waiting for!!!

 Lucy too,  getting into the Bahama Groove!

    Offerings from the Farmer's Market in Hopetown 

                                                      Oh no, I don't think so!


  1. If it's 'Plan B' again doesn't that make it 'Plan C'? Hoping for a smooth trip back.

  2. Sorry we'll miss meeting you on this trip. Maybe we'll pass in the Gulf Stream?
    Carol & Royce
    Aboard Escargot


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